Junior Infants 2019-2020

School Times
  • School will start on Monday 2nd September 2019
  • For Junior Infants, school begins as follows;
    • WEEK 1     
      • Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd September – 10:00 am until 12 pm.       
      • Wednesday 4th – Friday 6th September – 9:20 am – 12 pm
    • WEEK 2    
      • Monday 9th – Friday 13th– 9:20 am – 1 pm.
    • Monday 16th September onwards 9:20am to 2 pm – (and thereafter)
Please make sure your child is on time each morning and is also collected on time, as it can be particularly upsetting for a child if a parent or minder is late.
Clothes, Books and Belongings:
  • Please ensure that your child has a school bag and a lunch box that they can open and close themselves.
  • Please label all books clearly on the front cover, and all other belongings such as school bag, lunch box and drinks container.  It is recommended that readers be covered.
  • All clothes that might be removed by children, such as jumpers and coats, should be labelled on the inside.  Also, make sure that children can open and close their own coats, trousers and shoes.  All shoes should be non-laced (Velcro).
  • Children will have two lunch breaks each day (with just one break for the first week). The children should have a small snack for the first break and one or two items for the second, as well as a drink.
  • Foods containing nuts are not allowed in school and must not be included in your child’s lunch.  Please refer to our Health Eating Policy enclosed for a full list of products.
  • It is important that children are able to open all items in their lunch, including drinks containers and that the drinks containers do not leak.
  • Payments for all activities are done online using the Aladdin system.  Payments may be made in full or in instalments from €5 upwards.  Infant children participate in Little Music Makers, Tennis and an annual school tour.  These activities enhance our music and P.E. curriculum.