About Us

Le Chéile Educate Together National School is a beautiful school located on a unique site overlooking the River Boyne on Mornington Road, Drogheda. It is a modern sixteen classroom school with five special education classrooms and currently has a population of 440 children.

An Educate Together school is a child-centred, multi-denominational and democratic school for boys and girls. We are also a national school with the same curriculum as every other national school in the country. In addition, we teach the Learn Together programme which has four elements: moral and spiritual development, belief systems, ethics and the environment and equality and justice. The development of strong and engaged citizens is of great importance to us. All voices are listened to and matter; children, parents, staff and Board of Management.

We welcome children regardless of their social, economic, cultural or religious background. “No child is an outsider” is our motto. We have one rule in our school—Respect. Respect for ourselves, others and the environment.

The warm and happy atmosphere in our school is remarked upon by all. Children enjoy a wide variety of extra-curricular activities during and outside school hours. Physical activity includes P.E., gaelic football, tennis, swimming, basketball and dance. Other activities include chess, choir, drama and many other forms of music making. Our PTA organise a wide variety of after school activities from arts and crafts, music, computer club and lego club to mention but a few, which children participate in at a very reasonable fee. Currently, we are involved in an Erasmus+ project. Check out the Erasmus+ website.

We are proud of the very high standards of education in literacy and numeracy we have achieved as evidenced by our standardised testing results. We also have had major success in the quiz leagues and have won awards for maths and science. The visual arts are well represented in our school building with many beautiful works of art and displays on view.  We like to think that every child is given the opportunity to develop his or her own talents in the broad curriculum that we offer.