Every member of the parent community is a member of the PTA.

What is the PTA?

The Parent Teacher Association is a forum at which the parents and staff work together to build a sense of school community. We do that by working together to solve problems and by organising events that support opportunities for whole school involvement.

How it Works

The PTA has a committee that oversees various activities. The PTA meets once a month and any parent can attend.

Meetings are held in the school hall usually on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. We also help coordinate the many volunteers that sign up to help with the many activities.

What We Do

We also help coordinate the many volunteers that sign up to help with the many activities.


Arrange low cost ‘After School Activities’

Family Fun Day

Organise the annual Fun Day (June)

Annual Disco

Organise the (pupil-only) End of Year Disco (June)

Book Fair

Hold a Book Fair every 2 years onsite (with up to 100% of sales coming back to the school)

Fundraising Committee

Organise events to raise funds for school initiatives.

School Newsletters

Produce school newsletters in conjunction with Staff & Board.

Assist at Parent Events

Provide refreshments & assistance at parent meetings, i.e. New Parent’s Evenings, Christmas Concerts etc

24 Hr Pupil Insurance

Offer a voluntary 24 Hour Pupil/365 Day Pupil Insurance in September.

Website & Social Media

Develop and update the website www.lecheileetns.com and Facebook page.

PTA Committee

Organise AGM at start of each year. Meet with BOM chairperson & members throughout year.

Green School Committee

Offer assistance to school in developing green school initiatives.

Get Involved

Le Chéile has a range of opportunities for parents, friends and local community to become involved in our school.

How Do I Get Involved?

Getting involved in any small way directly enriches the environment in which your child learns, grows and plays. Not everybody has the time to join the committee but …

there are many ways in which you can help.

I have an hour or two—that’s enough time to help setup or supervise an event!

I have a few hours—that could help plan or run an event!

I have a couple of hours a month—that’s enough time to attend the monthly meeting and give your classes ideas!

I have a few hours a month—that’s plenty of time to take up one of the committee roles!

I already volunteer for another organisation—that’s great—do you have any suggestions for us?

I am unavailable—we understand—are we sharing enough information with you?

PTA Committee 2020/’21

PTA School Liaison
Glenda Deveney

Silvia Brady

Book Rental

Carol Graham
Madlen Hurley
Sana Zahid

Pupil Insurance:

Glenda Deveney


Trish Ryan


Tess Cullen
Jenny Coade

Website / PR

Orla Costello

School Disco

Janet Johnston
Tess Cullen

Book Fair

Sharon Hanaway

Grounds Committee

Patricia Ryan
Madlen Hurley
Alison Tracey
Carol Murphy
Karen Martin
Sarah Moroney

Fundraising Committee (FRC)

Lisa Welthagen
Fiona Kerbey
Rachel Bird Wisa
Brenda Boyle
Alice Byrne
Joanne Campbell
Email the FRC

Class Reps

Teacher Parent Rep
Claire (JI) TBC
Laura (JI) Claire Z
Julie (SI) Johanna H
David (SI) Mairead G
Kim (1st) Maire C
Treasa (1st) Vanessa F
Clodagh (2nd) Patricia R
Eva (2nd) Leanne
Maureen (3rd) TBC
Nicola D (3rd) Jackie N
Roisin (4th) Karen S
Aidan (4th) Vanessa F
Susan (5th) Sonya C
Nicola K (5th) Sharon H
Arianna (6th) Trisha McD
Fiona (6th) Grainne W