Mobile Phone/Device Policy

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Staff mobile phones must be on silent and not visible during teaching time and all meetings.
In the interest of courtesy, all staff and visitors are asked to be aware of mobile phone use in the staff room during break times.

Staff may have mobile phones switched on when off the school grounds e.g.

  • School Tours
  • Swimming / Sporting Trips
  • Field Trips, etc

This facilitates emergency contact if needed.

Camera phones are not to be used by staff for recording school events. School digital and video cameras are to be used for this purpose.


Pupils are not permitted to use mobile phones during school time. They are permitted to use them after 3pm outside the infant yard gates.

If pupils bring mobile phones into school they must be kept in their school bags and switched off. The school will accept no responsibility for damage to or loss of mobile phones. Photographs/recordings may not be taken on school grounds.

If children break these rules the mobile phone will be confiscated by the teacher and given to the Principal and stored in the office. It will be returned the following day upon receipt of a letter of request from parents/guardians. On subsequent breaking of the rules, the mobile phone will similarly be sent to the office and will be returned only on collection by a parent/guardian.

Use of mobile phones as a method of bullying – see school policy on bullying.


Parents are requested to have mobile phones on silent and not visible at all meetings at the school.