School Transport

Children are eligible for school transport where they reside not less than 3.2 kilometres from and are attending their nearest school as determined by the Department/Bus Éireann, having regard to ethos and language. In selecting a primary school, it is important that parents are made aware of eligibility criteria for school transport provision because arising from changes which were introduced from September 2011 it may be the case that children in the same family or area may be eligible for transport to different schools. While it is the prerogative of parents to send their children to the school of their choice, eligibility for school transport is to the nearest school. There are 5 bus routes serving the school currently and 1 bus operates twice, at 2pm for infant collection and again at 3pm. Schools buses access the turning circle first and pick up directly from the school. 

Application for school transport can be made online at and must be submitted usually towards the end of April, details of dates change annually and are on the website. It is important that applications for school transport are made on time as late applicants are not guaranteed seats.

Further information or clarification may be obtained by parents contacting their local Bus Éireann office; contact details are attached.

Bus Éireann School Transport Offices Contact Details:

Bus Éireann School Transport Office
Bus Station Dundalk 
Long Walk, 
T: 042 682 5900

School Transport Summary

1. Who is eligible?

Children who reside at least 3.2 kilometres from and attending their nearest school are eligible for primary school transport.

2. How do I apply?

Online to Bus Éireann at

3. When do I apply?

Applications should be submitted as per the dates on the website. Late applicants are not guaranteed a seat.

4. What is the charge?

The current annual charge is €100 per child with a family maximum at primary level of €220

5. Can I spread the payment over the school year?

Payments may be made in two instalments in July and December.

6. Are some children exempt from paying?

Yes. Only eligible children i.e. children residing at least 3.2 kilometres from and attending their nearest school, who hold valid Medical cards (GMS Scheme), do not pay. All other children must pay. Eligible children are required to complete a Statement of Attendance Form from the website at the end of each school term/year. See link below:

Statement of Attendance Form

7. Where can I get more details on the scheme?

Full terms of the Primary School Transport Scheme are available at and