Active Flag

Active School Flag

The Process: There are lots of criteria we have to meet to receive the flag. We are confident this will be an enjoyable and beneficial experience for all members of our school community.

There are targets outlined for 4 clear areas which need to be achieved.

The 4 areas are:

  • Physical Education
  • Physical Activity
  • Partnerships
  • Active School Week

We, at Le Chéile are currently working towards gaining an Active School Flag for our school. It is recommended that all children get 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day.

We are hoping that by engaging in this process, the above will become more achievable for all our pupils. Along with improving the physical health of our pupils we believe we will see knock-on effects in the classrooms also eg; increased concentration and focus.

Our Active Flag Committee


Our committee is made up of 8 boys and girls from 5th and 6th Class. Being active is something they are interested in and they are already coming up with great ideas to inspire the rest of the school. The committee’s first task was to spread the word about the Active School Flag. They visited all the classes with this news and told the pupils about our first project. We have asked the pupils to come up with a slogan for our “getting active” campaign. In addition to this the pupils were asked to design a poster around it. The closing date for entries is February 1st. The winning slogan will be adopted as our tagline in our attempt to get our school more active. Best of luck everyone.

Physical Activity

As part of our running breaks, we are hoping to run around Europe. The committee surveyed the children as to which city we will run to first. The result was Paris, France. We will use our new walkway to achieve this as a whole school. Every lap of the walkway equals 1 kilometre. That means, we will have to run 1,073 laps of the walkway to reach our destination of Paris. The committee will add up how many laps we cover each week and we will keep you updated as we go along. Paris, here we come!

After only one week we have reached our destination. As a school we ran 2,999 laps this week. So, we not only reached Paris but we are also over halfway to our next destination of Athens, Greece. A fantastic effort by everyone!

European Week of Sport



European Week of Sport 23rd – 30th September

In Le Chéile we pride ourselves on being an Active School. During European Sports week, we talked about the importance of being active and living a healthy lifestyle. On Friday the 27th of September the whole school took part in European School Sports Day. Our Infant Classes danced their socks off on the yard, with the help of some wonderful 6th class dancers!!! They had a ball and cannot wait to do it again soon! The rest of the school took part in a circuit activity set up in the hall where every class had to complete a circuit of 15 stations with the guidance of our 6th class Boot Camp instructors!!! With exercises including burpees, mountain climbers, scissor jumps (no actual scissors were involved here!), step ups and many more. The tunes were pumping and the children were amazing as always. A great day was had, super effort made by all!!! Well Done J

Active School Flag


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