How You Can Help

The PTA encompasses the entire school teacher and parent body. Getting involved in any small way directly enriches the environment in which your child learns, grows and plays. Not everybody has the time to join the committee but there are many ways in which you can help.

If you think you can give some time, or would like to talk to somebody about it, see our contact details and phone, email or drop us a note on our Facebook page.

  • I have an hour or two—that’s enough time to help setup or supervise an event!
  • I have a few hours—that could help plan or run an event!
  • I have a couple of hours a month—that’s enough time to attend the monthly meeting and give your classes ideas!
  • I have a few hours a month—that’s plenty of time to take up one of the committee roles!
  • I already volunteer for another organisation—that’s great—do you have any suggestions for us?
  • I am unavailable—we understand—are we sharing enough information with you?